Thigh Lift
Thigh Lift
Even after you lose weight, either through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, you may not see the final results you were hoping to achieve right away. The problem is that when pounds are eliminated rather quickly, the skin isn’t always able to adapt to the leaner contour. This leaves folds of loose skin that can prevent you from wearing smaller sizes comfortably and make you self-conscious in shorts or a bathing suit.Fortunately, a thigh lift can reverse this issue, removing excess skin, so you feel more confident with your weight loss results. At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, patients see Dr. Mordkovich as an expert body contouring surgeon who can offer unique techniques that speak to your desired appearance. In some cases, he might combine the thigh lift with liposuction to remove lingering pockets of fat and produce and even smoother result.
A thigh lift offers numerous benefits to the right patients. In addition to improving your appearance and boosting your self-confidence, this surgery may help you feel more comfortable in your clothing and even participate in activities that were challenging due to your excess, loose skin. Thigh surgery offers you the streamlined results you worked so hard to achieve through your weight loss efforts, putting the beautiful finishing touch on your new profile.
When you arrive for your surgical consultation with Dr. Mordkovich, he will take photos of your lower body as you stand with your legs apart to reveal excess or sagging skin, as well as potential fatty tissue that will need to be removed to achieve your full results. The thighs are difficult to tone for most people because exercise doesn’t always offer the best outcome. Weight or distribution of fat in this area is a result of a variety of preexisting factors – some of which you can control and others you can’t. Additionally, you may have lost the fat in your thighs but still have those loose folds of skin getting in the way of your slimmer appearance.If Dr. Mordkovich determines a thigh lift is an effective option for you, he will take the time to explain the procedure, so you know what to expect from your surgery and your results. If liposuction is needed to eliminate localized areas of lingering fat, he will discuss that portion of your surgery with you as well.
Options for your thigh lift include a procedure that focuses on the inner or outer thighs. The inner thigh lift will usually consist of a small incision in the groin area to remove just enough skin and fat to tighten up a pocket of hanging skin. If more correction is needed, the incision may run from the groin to the inner knee to allow for excision of more skin and tissue. Outer thigh lift incisions move from the upper thigh, circling underneath the buttocks within the panty line. No matter what type of incision is needed, Dr. Mordkovich will make every effort to minimize noticeable scarring after your surgery.
During the procedure, you will be under general anesthesia. Dr. Mordkovich will make the incisions for your procedure, taking care to locate them in the least conspicuous area of the thigh. Through the excisions, Dr. Mordkovich will remove all of the loose, redundant skin to create a sleeker upper leg contour.If there are areas of fat to be eliminated, this procedure can be performed at the same time as the lift. In addition to removing fat from the upper leg, Dr. Mordkovich can also sculpt the inner knees to create a more aesthetically pleasing line from the thigh to the knee. Laser lipo may be used during this procedure, which offers greater precision and may produce some additional skin tightening.Once your thigh lift is completed, Dr. Mordkovich will place dissolving sutures to close thigh lift incisions that should disappear within about ten days after surgery. Compression garments dress the thighs, while the use of surgical drains will prevent fluid buildup and infection as your incisions heal.
You can see your results as soon as you’re awake, but there may be some swelling that will mask complete results for the first few weeks after your surgery. You may find that bending and sitting are uncomfortable for the first few days, but oral pain medication and your compression garments will help to ease the discomfort. Dr. Mordkovich will provide a list of post-operative instructions that you’ll need to adhere to, and a follow-up will be scheduled for a few days after surgery. You should be able to return to work within about two weeks, while strenuous activity will likely be restricted for up to six weeks to give the thighs ample time to heal.When your full results are apparent, they should be quite dramatic. The skin in your thighs will look smoother and more balanced. Your new contour should last indefinitely as long as you avoid weight gain after surgery.A thigh lift offers significant benefits to patients suffering from excessive loose skin due to weight loss or aging. To schedule your consultation for a thigh lift at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, call us at 201-751-9490 .