For many of our clients at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, the most common area of concern regarding wrinkles are those along the brow or in between them. Getting rid of those wrinkles in the subtlest way, with a non-invasive alternative to the surgical facelift, is possible now through only a few injections. Dysport, the injectable we use at Cross Hudson, will quickly take care of the root of the problem before your age begins to show.

There are lines that run vertically alongside your eyebrows, and lines just above the brow when you squint or frown. Once you relax your brows, you may notice fine lines starting to form – these are the wrinkles you want to prevent with anti-aging treatments. The wrinkles in this area are created by glabellar muscles that control your ability to furrow the brow, and to raise your brows in active facial expressions, even when resting. To reduce the wrinkles in between your eyebrows, we focus on minimizing the activity in these muscles, in order to smooth out and improve the look of the skin, creating a much younger appearance. Remember that these wrinkles can begin in as early as your late twenties, but to slow the onset you must try to prevent those wrinkles from forming.

Dysport is a non-invasive, injectable formula that shares many similarities with the Botox injection. This injectable is a botulinum toxin that works at the point of treatment in the glabellar muscles to stop contraction of the muscle. Although these two neurotoxins are made from the same ingredient, they do vary in the way each person reacts to them, and how the product works along your brow line. Dr. Mordkovich prefers to use Dysport to maintain the most naturally appearing results, since this injectable is known to produce delicate but effective changes in these wrinkles. At Cross Hudson, we pride ourselves in never presenting our patients with treatments that look overdone and unnatural.

To treat the full brow line and minimize any wrinkles that might appear as the skin loses its strength and elasticity, Dr. Mordkovich will only need to inject Dysport into five strategic points – at four points above the brows, and once where the brows meet. As the botulinum toxin enters the muscle tissue, the impulse for those muscles to contract is eliminated, allowing the skin and other tissues time to repair and rebuild supportive structures in the creased tissue.

Injections with Dysport are nearly painless and done in under twenty minutes at our clinic. Most patients describe the five injections as feeling tiny pricks in the skin that last a second or so, and soon thereafter they begin to feel the muscle relaxing. Dysport is known to work in one to three days after injection, which for some is faster than the time it takes for Botox to start working. Depending on the condition of your skin and muscle activity, as well as how many treatments you’ve undergone previously, Dysport injections can last from four to six months. As with any non-invasive treatment, there is some maintenance required. Dr. Mordkovich will customize a plan for you with recommendations for the amount of touch-up treatments needed per year.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Mordkovich is skilled in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments that produce results you can trust. It’s important that every injectable neurotoxin treatment is performed by a professionally trained plastic surgeon that understands the delicate expertise necessary for a safe and successful procedure.

To prevent wrinkles from forming in your brow area, call Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation for Dysport injection today at 201-751-9490.