Ear Surgery
You aren’t likely to pay too much attention to your ears, unless they are a cosmetic nuisance. Ears that are disproportionately large or stick out from the sides of the head can lead to significant embarrassment and even a loss of self-esteem. Children and adults alike can face teasing and other negative behavior as a result of their prominent ears, which can have a profound impact on an individual both socially and professionally. Fortunately, there is a surgical procedure to reverse these concerns, create a more pleasing aesthetic look, and boost overall self-confidence.
The adverse effects of prominent ears begin in the very early years of life, which is why this is one of the few procedures Dr. Mordkovich performs on children. Teasing and bullying can start as soon as a child enters school, creating many devastating effects.Children who are bullied are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, loneliness and sadness, according to stopbullying.gov. These youngsters are also apt to have changes in sleep and eating patterns, health issues, and even low academic performance due to bullying. Many parents choose to correct the ears before a child begins school to prevent these many unfortunate effects.
Otoplasty focuses on reshaping the ears to help our patients at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery overcome any cosmetic worries that affect their self-confidence. The procedure is often referred to as ear-pinning surgery, since the majority are designed to correct ears that stick out conspicuously from the sides of the head. However, that is not the only problem that can be addressed through otoplasty.

Some of the concerns that bring our patients to our office include:

  • Asymmetrical shape of the ear
  • How far the ears protrude outward
  • Overall size of the ears
  • Ears that are pointed or fold over on top

Because the ears frame the face, any imperfections in their placement may affect the entire shape and harmony of the face. Adults and children as young as five can all benefit from otoplasty. The surgery itself is relatively quick, and recovery is two weeks or less. Every otoplasty procedure is unique to the patient, and Dr. Mordkovich will tailor your treatment to your unique look to create an outcome that is distinctly you.

During otoplasty consultation at Cross Hudson, Dr. Mordkovich and his staff will take photos of your ears and create a digital representation of the desired positioning and shape of the ear. Then, based on your precise needs, he will determine the best technique to use during your surgery. You and Dr. Mordkovich will discuss the details of your procedure in detail, so you know what to anticipate before, during, and after your procedure. When the surgery is performed on a child, both parents are encouraged to attend this initial appointment so that they can support their child throughout the process. You will also discuss options for anesthesia with your surgeon, which may include local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia.
Dr. Mordkovich begins otoplasty procedures by making a small incision at the back of the ear to expose cartilage and reveal internal tissues. A mini-incision in the back of the ear is the best possible choice, since it virtually eliminates visible scarring afterward and the incision tends to heal quickly. Through this incision, Dr. Mordkovich removes excess cartilage and sutures the ear to a more attractive position on the side of the head. He will also reshape the ear to a more pleasing shape if that is required.
Otoplasty usually takes about one hour to complete. Adults are typically given local anesthesia with sedation, while general anesthesia may be provided to younger patients to ensure their comfort throughout surgery. Patients can return home shortly after the procedure.
After surgery, you or your child will go home with dressings over the ears to protect them and hold them in their new position as they heal. Once the dressing is removed, a headband is worn at night to offer additional protection. Recovery from otoplasty usually takes one to two weeks, depending on the amount of modification made to the ears during surgery. However, since ear pinning and reshaping results are immediate, it is a very exciting moment for patients when their new ears are revealed after the dressings are first removed.Don’t let the shape of your ears affect your quality of life any longer when there’s a solution at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery. To learn more about otoplasty surgery and the expected results, call us at 201-751-9490. We look forward to scheduling a consultation and answering all of your questions.