Receiving cosmetic enhancement isn’t designated for a particular group of people. Both men and women share concerns about their bodies and seek treatment to improve their appearance. It’s no secret, however, that plastic surgery is geared toward women, even though men make up almost half of the demographic.

It can be challenging, at times, to find resources available for men seeking plastic surgery, but at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, there is plenty of information about the most common procedures that men receive.

Liposuction removes localized fat from areas of the body that have remained unresponsive to diet and exercise. You may opt for liposuction around your abdomen and waistline to create a more sculpted appearance.

Over time, fat will begin to accumulate in regions of the body where it becomes difficult to trim down. One of the most effective ways to treat stubborn body fat is through liposuction, which uses a narrow cannula to suction out fat.

Nose surgery is more common amongst younger men who take issue with their facial structure. If you are being teased in school or take issue with the way you look in pictures, you might seek rhinoplasty as a treatment option. Rhinoplasty can significantly alter the contours of the face and help you feel more attractive. Having the procedure performed in your youth will allow you to feel more confident in your appearance as you get older, which will boost your quality of life overall.

The skin around your eyes is delicate and one of the first areas to show natural signs of aging. Sagging skin can create a permanent tired or worn expression that detracts from your appearance. In other instances, the skin can hang so far that it impairs your vision. Blepharoplasty targets the upper and lower eyelids, removing excess skin to that you look more youthful and alert. Depending on the amount of loose skin present, you may receive an upper or lower eyelid lift, both of which can rejuvenate your face significantly.

Enlarged male breasts, or gynecomastia, is a condition that thousands of men face each year. Gynecomastia occurs due to a hormone imbalance that causes the breasts to swell. For many men, enlarged breasts can cause psychological distress, especially for adolescents. The excess tissue can detract from their masculinity and make them feel self-conscious. Breast surgery for men aims to reduce the size of the chest and produce a more masculine contour. As a result, men feel more confident removing their shirts in public and are secure in their outward image.

Not all procedures are surgical. For some patients, a minimally invasive treatment option means less downtime and gentle techniques. Botox is a nonsurgical way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles forming on the skin. By treating specific muscles in your face, Botox can reduce the muscle contractions that prompt wrinkling skin.

In a series of small injections, Botox is administered into your skin and takes about two to three weeks to take effect. Results last for up to four months, at which point you can undergo re- treatment to maintain your results.

If you’re curious about the cosmetic procedures available for men and would like to learn more about your options, contact Dr. Mordkovich at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery at 201-552- 4155 and schedule a consultation.