Cheek Implants
Cheek Implants
The aging process looks a bit different for everyone, but volume loss is a common side effect that is most notable within the midface region. The soft tissue located in the apple of the cheek loses elasticity and lift, leaving the cheeks with a hollowed, aged appearance. Lack of definition in the cheekbones can even affect the area underneath the eyes, making you look chronically tired. Fortunately, there are ways to address these changes in the midface to turn back time and rejuvenate your appearance.
The primary culprits in midface aging are gravity and collagen loss. Collagen is a protein in the skin that supports the underlying structure and makes the outer dermal layers look smooth and supple. While we produce collagen in abundance when we are young, those levels start to decline as early as our 20s. Less collagen means less support for the dermis, which leads to skin laxity and loss of definition in the facial contour.
Some patients looking for additional fullness and definition in the midface may be able to realize their goals through non-surgical injectable treatments, also available at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery. These procedures are performed in just a few minutes and do not require anesthesia or recovery time. The downside is that the results are only temporary, and the procedure will need to be repeated regularly to maintain positive results. Many patients that enjoy their enhanced look will opt for a more permanent solution at some point to save time and money in the long run.

At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mordkovich recommends cheek implants for patients young and old that are looking to contour and refresh a youthful appearance or add the pronounced cheekbones that were not provided by Mother Nature alone. Cheek implants are a permanent solution that will lift and define the cheeks to create a more attractive facial profile.

Cheek implants can be performed as a single procedure or in combination with other facial enhancements, like chin augmentation, with the goal of bringing balance, symmetry and proportion to the entire face.

Depending on the facial contour you are hoping to achieve with cheek implants, there are options to choose from that sit at different points on the cheekbone to enhance specific angles of your facial profile. All of our silicone implants are biocompatible and completely safe for your tissues. These implants include the following:Submalar implant
Dr. Mordkovich recommends submalar shells as the most natural cheek implant for patients with stronger bone structure. For older patients that have severe volume loss, this implant will also provide sufficient fullness to create satisfactory results. This type of cheek implant is one of the most popular requests by our patients, and is used frequently at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery.
Malar shell implant
Malar shell implants are placed over the zygomatic arch at the top of the cheekbone, extending toward the ear. These implants create a higher cheekbone that will depend on your bone structure. For patients that have ample soft tissue in the apple of the cheeks, malar shell implants are the perfect addition to provide feminine definition and lift.Combined submalar shell
This implant blends both the malar shell and submalar implant to offer the greatest amount of cheek modification possible. We don’t commonly use this implant type, but it is an option for patients in need of substantial correction.When choosing a cheek implant, it is important to take your unique facial anatomy into account. Aging affects each person differently, and the foundation of your bone structure, muscle strength, and skin integrity will influence the final implant result. Dr. Mordkovich has extensive experience with this procedure, so he can help you select the best implant for your needs and desired outcome. Additionally, each implant offered above can be modified to fit your unique facial profile. Cheek implants tend to have a high satisfaction rate among our patients because they are immediately noticeable and permanent.
Cheek implant surgery is an outpatient surgery Dr. Mordkovich performs using local anesthesia and IV sedation. Incisions are placed inside the cheek by the gum line, so there is no visible scarring afterward. Through those incisions, he will place the implants inside the cheek tissue to create a natural facial profile. Most implant procedures take just about 15 minutes per side, and you will be on your way home shortly after your surgery.
There can be some swelling and discomfort after cheek implant surgery, although most patients find the side effects to be relatively minimal. You will receive an oral pain medication and instructions on keeping the head elevated and applying cool compresses to manage swelling. You will also use a rinse in the mouth to clean the incision area and prevent infection. You should be able to return to your daily schedule within about one week.
If you are unhappy with your appearance due to changes in the midface, call Dr. Mordkovich at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation for cheek implants at 201-751-9490.