Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation offers women with small or unevenly sized breasts the possibility of a fuller, firmer, more symmetrical silhouette through the placement of saline or silicone implants. While these breast augmentations provide the most natural looking enhancement of natural tissues and structures, they can also give women a completely changed breast that best reflects their desired appearance with a position, shape and feel they may never have had before. At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, we’re sensitive to these desired improvements, and the personal impact breast enhancement surgery can have on female confidence, because we understand the positive difference it makes in our patients’ quality of life.

Patients may choose to undergo breast augmentation for many different medical and aesthetic reasons, including:

  • Increased size
  • Modification of abnormalities from injury
  • Compensating for reduced breast mass after pregnancy or surgery
  • Shaping asymmetrical breasts
  • Correcting congenital breast defects
The main goal is always the same at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, and that is to make sure we provide a healthy balance between aesthetic beauty and inherent body symmetry. Our patients know we take the time to carefully consider every contributing factor, including anatomical measurement, type of implants, existing healthy & viable breast tissue, profile, and overall shape. Every breast enhancement procedure begins with a custom consultation and detailed planning tailored to fit the needs of each individual patient.
At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, our patients learn as much as possible about the benefits of breast augmentation procedures based on their unique body shape, the condition of their current soft tissues, and the condition of the supporting muscular structures within the chest wall. When consulting with Dr. Mordkovich regarding breast augmentation, not only will your needs be heard and noted, but by using our 3D plastic surgery simulation software by Crisalix, the doctor will show you exactly what you can expect from each aspect of the procedure.
Dr. Mordkovich will take a few photos of your current breasts and manipulate the image as you weigh your options – sizing, placement of the implant (between and over the muscle or under glandular tissues), profile types, and your choice of implant. If you hope to reposition the breasts and resize the nipple-areola section, we can show you what that will look like, as well as discussing any recommendations for a complementary breast lift procedure.
Breast augmentation procedures all implement the use of surgical implants, with the main two options being saline- or silicone-filled implants. At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, Dr. Morkovich prefers to use silicone implants, based on the close similarity in look and feel to the natural female breast. Both implants are held together by a silicone shell, but saline-filled implants are filled to fit firmly with a sterile liquid saline solution, while silicone implants are filled with a thick gel that molds seamlessly to the breasts. Dr. Mordkovich prefers silicone not only for its look and feel, but in the unlikely case that an implant may rupture, the gel maintains its original shape and will not absorb into the chest tissues. During your consultation, you’ll have the option to try each implant type both virtually and with sample sets available in our clinic.
Each patient has a choice of either a round or teardrop shaped implant style, as well as choosing a smooth or textured implant. Rounded style implants are best suited for women that lack breast tissue, and want to create an even, fuller shape. The teardrop style implant slopes downward, where most of the filling occupies the lower side of the breast, creating an appearance more like natural breasts. The style you choose will inform the positioning of the breasts and placement of the implant within the breast tissue or muscular structures, and finally, the incision technique used by Dr. Mordkovich.
During surgery, Dr. Mordkovich will create incisions in the skin beneath the breast where normal folding occurs (in the hollow of the underarm or around the areola) so that there is minimal scarring. These incision types are called inframammary, periareolar, and axillary. As you decide on the best type of implant for your desired look and feel, your options for incisions vary, and Dr. Mordkovich will tell you which are most commonly used for the implant chosen.
During surgery you’ll be under general anesthesia as the doctor contours your breast tissues and inserts the implants. Surgical drains may be inserted to promote healing and a more seamless recovery. After the surgery, you’ll be wrapped in compression dressings to support these newly placed implants and to allow dissolvable internal and external stitching to heal completely. You’ll come back in a week or so to check in with Dr. Mordkovich, and as time passes, the overall shape and size of your breast implants will settle, revealing your unique, beautiful results. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with your dream result, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way if you have any questions or concerns.Call Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery for more information on breast augmentation surgery and to schedule the most informative surgical consultation available with Dr. Mordkovich at (201) 751-9490.