When you decide it’s time for a breast enhancement procedure, choosing the right procedure for you can be easier said than done. You may think your focus is on increasing the size of your breasts, but will that help with the sagging you have noticed since you had your kids? Is loose skin a problem in addition to your dissatisfaction with the way your breasts look? Fortunately, there are options in breast enhancement today that will ensure your specific concerns are addressed. Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you make the best choice for you, whether you decide on a lift, augmentation or a combination of the two.

You have never been completely happy with the size of your breasts and the way they don’t fill out your clothing the way they should. In fact, self-consciousness over the size of your breasts has affected your confidence and even the quality of your relationships. If this sounds like your primary complaints, breast augmentation may be the right surgery for you.

Augmentation adds the size you are lacking by placing synthetic implants into your breast tissue. Implants come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and profiles that allow us to tailor your augmentation to your specific body proportions and your desired results. In addition to adding fullness, augmentation can correct asymmetries in breasts and address mild skin laxity by stretching skin over a larger breast size.

You have been through pregnancies and breastfeeding and now your family is complete. However, the process of having children has taken its toll on your body, particularly your breasts. They now sag and droop and your nipples point down instead of outward. The changes have given you a worn and aged appearance and you would like to restore some youthful perkiness to your upper body profile. This is where a breast lift can offer significant benefits. This procedure removes loose skin from the sides of the breasts and lifts breasts back to their original position on your chest. At the same time, this procedure can create balance between breasts that fall at different angles and reposition the nipples and areolas for a natural look.

Some women may find that both of the scenarios apply to them. In fact, their dissatisfaction with their breast size has only increased since going through pregnancy and nursing their babies. In addition to the lack of fullness, the breasts now sag and have taken on a deflated appearance. This may be a situation where a combination of augmentation and a lift can produce the best possible result.

Breast augmentation and a lift can be performed during the same surgery, so you can achieve full results with just one time under anesthesia and one recovery process. In fact, the lift and placement of the implants may even be performed using the same incision sites to limit the amount of visible scarring you have after your procedure. Performing both procedures simultaneously also does not increase your discomfort after surgery or extend your recovery process by any significant degree.

Choosing the right breast procedure for you can make all the difference in your satisfaction with your procedure and the amount of confidence you gain after your recovery is complete. Dr. Mordkovich is committed to helping you achieve all of your aesthetic goals and will help you choose the procedure or procedures that will meet your needs best. To learn more about your choices in breast enhancement, contact Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery at (201) 552-4155.