Body Procedures Overview

You only have one body – and it’s important to take good care of it, inside and out. Over time, aging, pregnancy and weight fluctuations can stretch your skin and muscles and often times, diet and exercise alone are not enough to keep your body in the desired aesthetic shape. Dr.Mordkovich has extensive experience in the many body contouring techniques that can help achieve your desired look – from “Mommy Makeovers” to more focused and specific procedures, his expertise can help you see the body you want in the mirror. Read more information on Body Procedures we specialize in.

Face Procedures Overview

Your eyes… nose… smile…your face is what makes you unique. Dr.Mordkovich has great experience and expertise in achieving aesthetically pleasing results while still allowing you to be “you”. Whatever the goal for your appearance may be, whether it’s a substantial change or a minor “upkeep” procedure to get you back to looking like your vibrant self, Dr.Mordkovich can help you get you the look you desire with long-lasting results that look natural and youthful. Read more information on Face Procedures we specialize in.

Breast Procedures Overview

Dr.Mordkovich has vast experience and proven results in various breast procedures that will help you achieve your desired results. Throughout his career he has helped women improve the shape, size, and contour of their chest and help clients improve their self-confidence. Whether you want to enhance what nature gave you or you are considering reconstruction after mastectomy, Dr. Mordkovich’s extensive experience in all aspects of breast enhancement and reconstruction techniques will help you attain your desired look and keep an optimal health level. Read more information on Breast Procedures we specialize in.

Non-Invasive Procedures Overview

With modern techniques, rejuvenated skin and healthier looking skin can be a reality. From restoring your skin’s natural moisture balance to solving problems with uneven complexion, sun damaged skin and wrinkle lines – the great variety of facial treatments can help revitalize and refresh you, inside and out. Dr.Mordkovich’s vast expertise and experience in the ever changing field of fillers other non-invasive procedures can provide natural looking results of rejuvenation and enhancement of your facial features using the most advanced techniques and products. Read more information on Non-Surgical Procedures we specialize in.

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