Chin Surgery
Chin Surgery
A weak, undefined chin can impact your entire appearance, making your other facial features look out of proportion as well. Often, patients concerned about the size or profile of the nose need a stronger jaw line to bring the entire facial contour into proper balance. If you feel that your jawline could use additional shaping, customized chin implants can add balance and facial harmony. After chin surgery with implants, patients may feel more confident in their appearance, whether the procedure is performed solo or in combination with another facial enhancement like nose reshaping surgery.
Some patients find they can achieve positive results in chin augmentation with non-surgical treatments such as dermal filler injections. These procedures are also available at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, and offer you the ability to enhance your appearance without incisions or anesthesia. However, the results you see are only temporary, and you will need to come in for regular treatments to maintain them. Many patients that are pleased with the effects of dermal fillers will eventually schedule chin implant surgery to achieve a permanent result. Dermal fillers can also be used a few months before surgery to demonstrate what you will look like with a stronger, more defined jawline.
At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, we help our patients understand the benefits of chin surgery by assessing their profile during the consultation and showing them sample implants. A receding or weak chin may exacerbate signs of aging, causing a turkey neck, double chin, or even facial wrinkles around the lower face. Dr. Mordkovich also offers this treatment option to younger patients that are unhappy with their facial contour due to an underdeveloped chin. In addition, chin augmentation is beneficial for patients that have asymmetries along the jawline that can be corrected with the use of implants.THE LOWDOWN ON CHIN IMPLANTS
While there are different materials used in chin implants, Dr. Mordkovich tends to prefer silicone implants for a variety of reasons. These devices are crafted of biocompatible silicone material that looks and feels more like natural chin tissue than other types of implants. Silicone chin implants have an excellent track record for safety, and Dr. Mordkovich can tailor them to fit your unique facial proportions.
One to two weeks before your scheduled chin surgery, Dr. Mordkovich will have you measured and fitted for your implant. Our technician will take a mold of your chin in the office, and Dr. Mordkovich will shape your implant according to the corrective goals you decided on during your consultation. On the day of your surgery, you will be put under IV sedation and local or general anesthesia. You can discuss your preference of anesthesia with Dr. Mordkovich during your consultation, although the choice may also be determined by whether you have chin augmentation alone or in conjunction with another surgical procedure like rhinoplasty.To place the implant, Dr. Mordkovich will create a small incision under your chin, which is stretched with a special tool to create an even and convenient pocket for your chin implant. While some surgeons will do chin implant surgery using an incision inside the mouth to eliminate visible scarring, this approach carries a higher risk of infection. For this reason, Dr. Mordkovich prefers the placement underneath the chin, and the implant is inserted just under your jawline. Taking care to minimize any visible scarring afterward, the incision is closed with non-dissolving stitches and sealed with a small compression bandage to ensure clean healing.
There is some swelling after chin augmentation, but Dr. Mordkovich will send you home with instructions to help you minimize this side effect during your recovery. Swelling subsides within a few days, and any other discomfort you experience after surgery can be managed with oral medication that will be prescribed before your procedure.About seven to 10 days after your procedure, you will come back to our office for a follow-up appointment so that Dr. Mordkovich can remove the sutures and assess the healing of your incision. You will probably be back to your regular activities by this point, as recovery from chin augmentation typically takes about one week. Dr. Mordkovich will advise you to limit strenuous exercise for a couple of extra weeks to ensure that the surgical site has ample time to heal.Unlike many surgeries, chin augmentation surgery is one in which you can see the results immediately. Adding the implant can change your profile so that you feel more confident in your appearance. To undergo an assessment of your facial contours and find out if chin augmentation is the right surgical choice for you, please call our clinic to set up your complimentary consultation with Call Dr. Mordkovich at 201-751-9490. find out if chin augmentation is the right surgical choice for you