Breast Reduction

If you’re considering reducing the size of your heavy breasts and contouring the tissue to fit your idea of symmetrical, shapely breasts, a breast reduction may be the procedure you’ve been looking for. At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, we work with you to create a unique breast shape that accents your body type and supplements the way you live.

We know that heavy breasts can be a burden if you’ve experienced this issue throughout your lifetime; many of our female patients with larger breasts have struggled with the problem since their early teen years. Discomfort and social anxiety caused by excessive breast tissue and an unflattering shape can affect everything you do.

Dr. Mordkovich can help you take some of this weight off of your shoulders, in more ways than one, so you can start to enjoy life’s activities and own a breast shape that you’re finally proud to have.


  • Incisions made into the breast
  • Reduction of breast tissues often preferred using liposuction
  • Removing excess skin and reshaping your new breast
  • Resizing of the areola for women that are unhappy with its size

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Mordkovich at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, you will have the floor during the discussion so you can express your specific concerns about your breasts. At this time, Dr. Mordkovich will take notes and measure your breasts so that he can further explain the style of surgical technique used to offer you the best possible outcome. Breast reduction is one of a few options you may be presented with as you talk with the doctor.

You may be unsure of what a breast reduction can achieve for you, but many women discover this procedure can address the following concerns:

  • Intense and persistent back pain that radiates down from the neck and shoulders, through to the lower back
  • Difficulty with physical activity
  • Fabric burn caused by the weight of heavy breasts
  • Social discomfort and reduced confidence
  • Sagging skin caused by heavy breasts, producing downward facing nipples
  • Imbalance of breast tissue from one breast compared to its pair
  • Difficulty wearing the clothes you want to wear because of disproportionate breasts
If any of these points resonate with you, then a breast reduction is worth exploring further. The beauty of this surgical procedure is that, while it is invasive, no muscle tissues are disturbed, so you will heal nicely and experience a lower level of pain in recovery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, over 70 thousand breast reduction surgeries were done in the United States alone in 2016. This procedure is a routine breast procedure that Dr. Mordkovich has successfully performed himself in a delicate and artistic manner for over twenty years.
Dr. Mordkovich will perform your breast reduction procedure in the hospital, and you will be under general anesthesia the whole time. Your breasts are marked at the start of the surgery based on the modifications previously discussed with the doctor. The first incision made is a circular cut around your nipple areola complex. Here your areolas are resized if needed and a second incision is made resembling a lollipop down to the fold of the breast. Based on the size of your breasts and their shape before surgery, a third incision may be required beneath the breast that follows the crease. Then it’s time for breast tissue removal, which is accomplished by cutting away excess fatty tissue and loose skin or using cannulated liposuction.
As Dr. Mordkovich performs this excision step, he will balance the breasts to make sure they are of similar size and set to contour them. Breast contouring depends on the skill of your surgeon, and Dr. Mordkovich has spent years perfecting his shaping technique. The breasts are lifted into their new position, areolas resized, and the trimmed skin is brought together for suturing. Dr. Mordkovich estimates this reduction procedure to take a few hours to complete but will let you know full details of what to expect in your pre-op discussion.
Every patient is different, but we like to overestimate recovery. You can expect at least two weeks’ post-op recovery that will require you to schedule time off from work. Many of our patients tend to plan daytime assistance from a nanny or babysitter when they have small children. Your recovery can last up to six weeks if you experience bruising and swelling, so prepare to have help around the house to ease the recovery process and ensure your best results. Pain medication is prescribed in case you feel discomfort at home.
Breast reduction can change your life, and our patients feel much lighter afterward. Call Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery to make an appointment for a breast reduction consultation at 201-751-9490 .