Liposculpture, which is commonly known as the modern lipolysis method, is a popular procedure for women and men who want undesired fat removed from their bodies through the various liposculpture techniques. Liposculpture is another name for liposuction, which is a procedure that removes unwanted fat using more streamlined surgical instruments to irrigate and remove the fat with suction devices, called cannulas. Liposuction is the broad term, widely used by the industry, and it is the most popular cosmetic surgery being performed in the world today. Liposculpture implies that the areas being treated are sculpted using finer liposuction instruments and more refined techniques to achieve the most contoured outcomes.Because liposculpture is generally performed under local anesthesia, it is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in a short 1-2 hours in the comfort of the liposculpture surgeon’s office or clinic. Liposculpting requires less down time and has fewer side effects than older, traditional liposuction procedures. Liposculpture is minimally invasive, so patients experience very few side effects. Only tiny incisions are required to agitate and extract the fat, so liposculpture does not leave behind unsightly scars. Call us at 201-552-4155 for more information on Liposculpture.