Dr. Boris Mordkovich | Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Boris Mordkovich is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, practicing in the states of New Jersey and New York. Throughout his career, he was educated, trained, worked and assumed teaching appointments at some of the world’s premier medical centers. The decades of his unique experience have shaped him into the surgeon he is today, committed to delivering his expertise while upholding the highest standard of individualized care to his patients. He is dedicated and passionate about restoring his patients’ natural beauty and revitalizing their youthfulness. Through the use of the refined surgical techniques and latest technologically advanced devices, Dr. Boris Mordkovich strives to enhance his patients’ natural look while diminishing any signs of surgery. Dr. Mordkovich is happy to discuss any concern that may be helped by cosmetic or reconstructive procedures. For patients looking to restore their natural beauty and youthful glow, Dr. Boris Mordkovich is the right choice. Years of dedication to the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has fine-tuned his ability to attract patients from all over the world. Through the use of refined surgical techniques and the latest technologically advanced cosmetic tools, Dr. Mordkovich strives to enhance his patients’ natural appearance while minimizing any visible signs of surgery. During the initial consultation, patients are welcome to discuss any concerns they have with their appearance, and if those concerns are disrupting their ability to live fuller lives. Patients are never encouraged to “overdo it” with plastic surgery, but they are supported in well-thought out decisions designed to increase their self-confidence. If a patient is interested in a particular procedure, Dr. Mordkovich will provide current information on that procedure, and address any and all concerns the patient may have. At Cross Hudson, it’s our job to make patients’ choices clear, and their decisions easier, because informed patients are happy patients.

Plastic Surgery for Women

Aesthetic surgery is a major step for most women, and often a positive one. Studies have shown that a well performed plastic surgery can help boost self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. This is why your choice of doctor is imperative for achieving the results you desire. Dr. Mordkovich has over 10 years of successful surgical experience creating beautiful, natural-looking results for thousands of happy patients. Learn More

Plastic Surgery for Men

Today, more men are considering plastic surgery to maintain or enhance their appearance. Advances in surgical techniques provide natural looking results with limited downtime which appeals to men. Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t remove wrinkles or eliminate stubborn fat pockets around the abdomen and flanks. Also, sagging skin, and hair loss can adds years to one’s appearance and self-confidence. Learn More

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We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mordkovich and explore the various options of surgical procedures that we provide. Dr. Mordkovich will gladly take all the necessary time to answer all questions and address any concerns you may have. We are committed to every patient and our primary goal is making sure that you are comfortable with your decision to have cosmetic surgery.

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Procedures Information

The two main specialties at Cross Hudson are cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Designed to restore symmetry and improve function after trauma, illness or previous surgical procedures, Dr. Mordkovich’s surgical goal is to enhance the overall appearance of the face and body. Innovative methods of cosmetic surgery offer patients a variety of surgical and non-surgical choices to alter or enhance physical features, as well as to reshape and refine. The latest reconstructive surgical procedures can eliminate or minimize an array of physical abnormalities and imperfections caused by accidents, disease, and congenital defects, allowing patients to enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life.

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Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery invites every patient considering cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to explore the various options for surgical procedures we provide. Dr. Mordkovich will gladly take the necessary time to answer all patient questions and address any concerns. We are committed to each and every patient, and our primary goal is making sure that they are comfortable with their decision to have cosmetic surgery. Learn more about these surgical and nonsurgical procedures below and please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at 201-751-9490.